As OurCrowd’s investments continuously grow both in size and quantity, our existing portfolio companies are rapidly expanding too. To date, OurCrowd has invested over $220M in 93 portfolio companies, many of which won international awards and are widely acclaimed for their innovative products and amazing all-star teams.

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So, if you’re hoping to get your foot in the high-tech industry door, dreaming about being part of the exciting startup ecosystem, or know someone looking for a job in the hottest markets, you’ve come to the right place!

Check out the listings below to see how you might have the chance to work for some of our awesome portfolio companies and become part of the growing OurCrowd family:


ArgusArgus invites you to explore their open job opportunities to join them in the Internet of Vehicles revolution!

  • Senior Cyber Security Developer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Marketing Manager; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Cyber Security Developer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Automotive Embedded Systems Software Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Quality Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Front-End Developer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Research Team Leader; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Security Architect; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Car-Hacking Researcher; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Car Hacker – Protocols Researcher; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Intellectual Property Manager; Tel Aviv, Israel.


BizzaboBizzabo is looking to hire superheroes — check out their open positions!

  • Customer Success Manager; New York City, USA.
  • Account Executive; New York City, USA.
  • Business Development Representative; New York City, USA.
  • Summer Interns; New York City, USA.
  • Back-End Developer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Front-End Developer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Junior Graphic Designer; Tel Aviv, Israel.

Don’t see anything that suits your fancy? Send Bizzabo your resume anyway to They are always hiring in both Israel and NYC!

The Bouqs

The BouqsWhile the company remains lean, they are always interested in meeting with interesting partners and potential future employees.

  • Sr. Director, Brand Marketing; Venice, CA, USA.
  • Account Manager; Venice, CA, USA.


MorphiSecIf you want to make a huge impact on an amazing cybersecurity startup and a group of wonderful people, Morphisec wants to talk to you!

  • Full Stack Java Developer; Beer-Sheva, Israel.


ZoomCarZoomcar strives to build a very passionate and driven team to oversee their explosive growth — join them today!

  • Principal Software Developer; Bangalore, India.
  • iOS Developer; Bangalore, India.
  • UI Developer; Bangalore, India.
  • Senior Software Developer; Bangalore, India.
  • Android Developer; Bangalore, India.
  • Sr Analyst/Manager Analytics; Bangalore, India.
  • Associate Product Manager; Bangalore, India.
  • Product Analyst; Bangalore, India.


PulmOnePulmOne is looking for key talents to join a bonded professional energized team.

  • VP International Sales; Israel.
  • Chief Technology Officer; Israel.
  • C# Programmer; Israel.


NeverwareNeverware is looking for enthusiastic, dedicated people who share our passion for bringing the best technology to the people who need it most – school children. Join their team!

  • Head of Business Development, K12 – North America; New York, NY, USA.
  • Head of Customer Experience and Support; New York, NY, USA.
  • Software Engineer; New York, NY, USA.
  • Web Engineer; New York, NY, USA.


BT9Collaborate with BT9 in building powerful technologies that help solve the world’s most challenging food wastage and food safety problems. Join the team!

  • Sales and Field Tech Support Distributors; Israel.
  • Sales and Field Tech Support Agents; Israel.
  • Sales and Field Tech Support Employees; Israel.
  • Embedded (Hardware) Engineers; Israel.
  • Applications (Software) Engineers; Israel.
  • Cold Chain Logistics Engineers


CorephotonicsIf you are talented, innovative, and want to improve camera phone photography — Corephotonics wants to hear from you!

  • VP Level Executive; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Senior SW Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Senior Graphics SW Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Senior Embedded SW Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Junior Embedded SW Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Graphics SW Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Application SW Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Senior Algorithms Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Junior Algorithms Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Algorithms Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.


eVigilo 2eVigilo’s core team is made up of visionaries who understand how emergency communication technologies and platforms are changing the face of the future. If you are a motivated team player that shares their vision and want to help create new ways for making the world a safer, more secure place using multichannel communication technologies, we encourage you to contact eVigilo about employment opportunities.

For more information or to send a resume, please email:


BoatboundBoatbound is looking for people that want to lead, can contribute ideas, and help make the company better and a great place to work.

  • Captains
  • Photographers


Join Panorama’s unique innovation environment mixed with a lot of experience in the market.

  • VP Sales – We are looking for a Leader; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Pre-Sales/Post-Sales Consultant – Professional Services; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Inside Sales Representative; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • HTML5 Developer Team Leader; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Marketing Database Manager; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • SDR – Sales Development Representative; Tel Aviv, Israel.

Social Bicycles

SoBiIf you are talented, want to improve transportation, and have an entrepreneurial mindset — SoBi wants to hear from you!

  • Business Development Associate; New York City, USA.

Replay Technologies

Replay TechnologiesReplay Technologies is leading the next big revolution in video. If you would like to inquire about open opportunities, please submit your resume/CV by email to:

  • Senior SW Engineer – Computer Graphics and Image Processing
  • Senior SW Engineer – Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Senior SW Engineer – Experienced Video
  • Senior SW Engineer – Image Processing\Computer Vision\ Algorithms
  • Senior SW Engineer – Computer graphics
  • Senior SW Engineer – GUI developer
  • System Engineer / Technical Manager


VocalZoomIf you have a passion for innovation and looking for a dynamic and rewarding career, VocalZoom is the place for you!

For more information, email VocalZoom’s HR recruiter

  • Senior Signal Processing Engineer; Yokneam Ilit, Israel.

READ MORE: We’re Hiring! Career opportunities at OurCrowd (May 2016)


BriefCamBriefCam, developer and provider of award-winning Video Synopsis solutions for rapid video review, is expanding and seeking the best and brightest to join their team.

  • Algorithm Developer; Modi’in, Israel.
  • Android Developer; Modi’in, Israel.
  • DevOps Engineer; Modi’in, Israel.
  • iOS Developer; Modi’in, Israel.
  • Software Developer; Modi’in, Israel.
  • QA Engineer; Modi’in, Israel.


ConvertixJoin the Covertix team to make a difference together!

  • Senior Solutions Architect; East Coast (New York/New Jersey/Connecticut preferable), USA.
  • Marketing Director; Kfar Saba, Israel.
  • Full stack developer; Kfar Saba, Israel.
  • QA engineer: Junior; Kfar Saba, Israel.


MentAdIf you are passionate about big data and changing the future of marketing, chances are you belong with MentAd.

  • Senior Development Representative; New York, USA.
  • Head of Content Marketing and Social Media; New York, USA.
  • Demand Generation; New York, USA.
  • Media Manager; New York or Palo Alto, USA.
  • Full Stack Developer; Palo Alto, USA or Tel Aviv, Israel (relocation options available).


mPrestAt the cutting edge of monitoring and control system development, mPrest is looking for talented, creative, and motivated professionals to join their dynamic and growing team. Check out their job openings!

To apply, send your CV to

  • Cloud Architect; Petach Tikva, Israel.
  • Senior Programmer; Petach Tikva, Israel.
  • AWS Software Developers (For C2 System Development) Experience; Petach Tikva, Israel.
  • System Administrator; Petach Tikva, Israel.
  • System Engineer (For C2 Systems) Experience; Petach Tikva, Israel.
  • Cloud Software Developers (For C2 System Development) Experience; Petach Tikva, Israel.
  • .NET Developers; Petach Tikva, Israel.
  • Electronics Engineer; Petach Tikva, Israel.
  • Junior .NET Software Developer; Petach Tikva, Israel.
  • Senior .NET Software Developer; Petach Tikva, Israel.


AppDomeJoin the AppDome team to take a pivotal role in protecting the dynamic smartphone/tablet industry.

  • Senior Security Researcher
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Server Side Software Developer
  • Device Side Developer


NooBaaIf you are ready to accelerate delivering the Perfect Predator for unstructured data storage, then you’re talking to the right people — join the NooBaa team!

  • QA Engineer; Rechovot, Israel.
  • Software Engineering; Rechovot, Israel.


WaveWave is always interested in talking to smart, creative, energetic people who can help them help small businesses — view their current job opportunities.

  • Customer Support Hero; Toronto, Canada.
  • Senior Software Engineer; Toronto, Canada.
  • Software Engineer, Production Infrastructure; Toronto, Canada.
  • Software Engineering Coop; Toronto, Canada.
  • Systems Administrator; Toronto, Canada.


StringifyStringify are hard at work developing new ways to help you connect your life. Take a look at their job openings!

  • Front End Engineer; Los Gatos, CA, USA.

Mark One (Vessyl)

Mark One (Vessyl)Are you interested in joining the Mark One team? Perfect timing! Mark One is looking for folks who share their passion for empowering consumers to make healthier choices in real time.

  • Global Retail Sales Director; San Francisco, USA.


InfluitiveAre you smart, ambitious, creative and thirsty for a challenge? Influitive is looking for dedicated individuals who want to shape the future of a new, promising tech startup to join its team.

  • DevOps Crafter; Toronto, Canada.
  • Front-End Crafter; Toronto, Canada.
  • Full-Stack Crafter; Toronto, Canada.
  • Assistant Controller; Toronto, Canada.
  • Marketing Programs Manager (Campaigns Manager/Digital Marketing Manager); Boston, USA, & Toronto, Canada.
  • Chief of Staff (CEO Consultant/Advisor); Toronto, Canada.
  • Mobile UX/UI Designer; Toronto, Canada.
  • Business Development Representative (BDR); Boston, USA, & Toronto, Canada.
  • Director, Sales Productivity & Enablement; Toronto, Canada.
  • Regional Sales Manager; Boston, USA.
  • Regional Sales Manager; San Francisco, USA.

ProoV (formerly

ProovProoV is looking for talented people to join their team!

  • Business Analyst; Hertzlia Pituach, Israel.
  • Senior Front-End Developer; Hertzlia Pituach, Israel.
  • Big Data Developer; Hertzlia Pituach, Israel.
  • Marketing Director (B2B); Hertzlia Pituach, Israel.
  • Inbound Junior Product Manager; Hertzlia Pituach, Israel.
  • Senior Software QA Engineer; Hertzlia Pituach, Israel.
  • Customer Success Manager; Hertzlia Pituach, Israel.


UbimoWant to work by the beach? Are you smart and talented? Ubimo is looking for you! Check out its open positions.

  • Lead DevOps Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Graphic Designer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Director of Sales; New York City, USA.
  • Front End Developer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Expert Automation Engineer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • C++ Developer; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Senior Director of Sales; New York City, USA.
  • Account Manager; New York City, USA.
  • Technical Ad-Op; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Data Scientist; Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Java Developer; Tel Aviv, Israel.

MST– Medical Surgery Technologies

MSTMST– Medical Surgery Technologies is looking for talented people to fill the following positions. See something you like? Email your CV to

  • Field Service Engineer; Israel.
  • Field Clinical Engineer; Israel.

Bat Blue

Bat BlueBat Blue is looking for energetic, goal oriented, creative, and resourceful individuals to join its team. To apply, click here or email

  • Regional Director of Sales; Chicago, USA.
  • Regional Director of Sales; Dallas, USA.
  • Regional Director of Sales; Los Angeles, USA.
  • Regional Director of Sales; Atlanta, USA.
  • Regional Director of Sales; Washington D.C., USA.
  • Regional Director of Sales – Research Triangle Park; Durham, NC, USA.
  • Regional Director of Sales; Seattle, USA.
  • Regional Director of Sales; Boston, USA.
  • Regional Director of Sales; Toronto, USA.
  • Regional Director of Sales; San Francisco, USA.
  • Director of Demand Generation/ Inside Sales; New York, NY, USA.
  • Cloud Security Pre-Sales Engineer; Los Angeles, USA.
  • Cloud Security Pre-Sales Engineer; Chicago, USA.
  • Cloud Security Pre-Sales Engineer; New York, NY, USA.
  • Demand Generation/ Inside Sales Associate; New York, NY, USA.
  • Team Lead (Python); New York, NY, USA.
  • DevOps Engineer; New York, NY, USA.
  • Threat Intelligence Analyst; New York, NY, USA.
  • Cloud Security and Network Principal Engineer; New York, NY, USA.


CropXIf you’re a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit, consider CropX for your next career move.

  • Regional Sales Manager – West Region (USA)


PixieRevolutionizing the Location of Things (LoT) — Pixie is a passionate team of entrepreneurial developers, designers, marketers, and business builders, and thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced, high-energy environment.

For open positions contact us at


CrediFiCrediFi is a fast growing startup that’s redefining the Multi-Trillion Commercial Real Estate Finance market, see below for its current job openings or contact them.

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans Data Analyst; Modiin, Israel.
  • Loan Team Data Scientist; Modiin, Israel.
  • Capital Markets Intern; Modiin, Israel.
  • Marketing Intern; Modiin, Israel.
  • Content QA Engineer; Modiin, Israel.
  • Functional QA Engineer; Modiin, Israel.
  • Sales Executive; New York, USA.
  • Business Development Executive; New York, USA.
  • PR Internship; New York, USA.
  • Data Analyst/Scientist; Modiin, Israel.
  • Full Stack (C#/Angular) Developer; Modiin, Israel.


RevolutionCreditIf you’re interested in helping start a revolution to make every aspiring consumer creditworthy, then join RevolutionCredit.

  • Regional VP, Business Development; Orange County or New York, USA.


HighconWant to work at a dynamic fast growing company with a strong supportive culture? Check out the currently open positions at Highcon.

  • System Integrator; Israel.
  • Product Marketing Manager; Israel.
  • System Engineer; Israel.
  • Business Development Manager for USA; USA.
  • Business Development Manager for Europe; Europe.
  • Pre-sales application engineer; UK or Benelux.
  • North America Sales Manager; Based in NY/NJ/MA, USA.

Even if there is not a current position but you have the relevant experience in the above disciplines then we would like to hear from you here.


PowWowBased in San Francisco, PowWow Mobile is building a team of collaborative individuals with a broad range of talents, and are always looking for smart people. If you’re interested in joining their team, send your resume and what you’re interested in to

  • Enterprise Sales Representative; San Francisco, New York, Chicago, USA; London, UK.
  • Enterprise Pre-Sales Consultant; San Francisco, New York, Chicago, USA; London, UK.
  • Senior Full Stack Developer
  • Senior Web Application Developer


BiocatchGame-changing solution for advanced cyber threats — check out these career opportunities at BioCatch!


The growing crowd 

What truly sets OurCrowd apart from other platforms is that we are focused not just on ‘crowdfunding’ but on ‘crowdbuilding’ our portfolio companies. Funding is just the first level of engagement with the crowd. OurCrowd assigns experienced mentors to work with each of our companies, often taking board seats, and we play an active role in helping our companies grow.

The crowd is getting bigger and bigger – and backing more startups than ever. We’re so proud of what the OurCrowd community has accomplished so far and are looking forward to continuing on this journey together in the years to come.

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