We ended off 2019 with exciting news for OurCrowd and the Israeli ecosystem. Israeli tech raised over $350M in December, and raised a record $8.19B in 2019, easily surpassing the $6.4B raised in 2018, which was itself a record.

In OurCrowd’s fifth incubator win, the consortium consisting of OurCrowd, Perrigo and BOL Pharma, won the Israeli government tender to operate CanNegev, a medical cannabis incubator that will be located in Yeruham, in the south of Israel. This will be the world’s first government-supported medical cannabis technology incubator. 

As I told NoCamels, in this past decade, the Israeli tech ecosystem came into its own. What was interesting, full of potential and a promising phenomenon, became a powerhouse juggernaut that everybody in the world now has recognized.

A decade ago, getting to $1 billion in equity crowdfunded assets was but a dream. I was humbled to be featured as one of 17 Israelis that shaped the decade.

Startup Nation and beyond

In-depth look at Alpha Tau – Alpha Tau’s Alpha DaRT is the first technology to provide a highly localized and effective treatment of solid tumors using alpha radiation.

UK hospital introduces TytoCare remote medical exam device, becoming the first provider in the UK to partner with TytoCare. 

Italy will launch an accelerator program for Italian startups in Israel, to help Italian startups develop their business idea within Startup Nation’s ecosystem.

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News from the industry 

To make sure it maintains its dominance in the market, a multinational corporation needs to have systems in place for integrating tech from early stage startups. Otherwise, it’s going to be disrupted by a newcomer. Hear OurCrowd’s Business Development Partner Laly David’s thoughts on the topic.

Laly Open innovation

“2019 was without doubt a year in which Israel’s tech sector came of age.” Israel doubles number of unicorns in 2019.

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Going to CES? Meet 10 of our portfolio companies at CES 2020, including Arbe Robotics, Intuition Robotics, Innoviz Technologies, Hailo, Celeno, Viziblezone, C2A Security, Edgybees, Foretellix, and Brodmann17! To book a meeting, contact yakir.machluf@ourcrowd.com


January 13-15 in San Francisco: Join us at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference to meet OurCrowd’s medical portfolio. Meet with the startups that are creating revolutionary solutions in areas including cancer treatments, blood testing, wound care, care for older adults, diabetes management, medical cannabis, and more. Attending OurCrowd portfolio companies include: Alpha Tau, BOL Pharma, BrainQ, DreaMed, Global Kinetics, HIL Applied Medical, Igentify, Intuition Robotics, MedAware, MeMed, Nanomedic, Scopio, Sight Diagnostics, Syqe Medical, TytoCare, and Zebra Medical Vision. See the info here.

January 14th in San Francisco: Join us for a fascinating evening on the technologies and innovations in the diabetes world held during the J.P. Morgan conference. Hear short lectures from 3 startup companies with amazing technologies in the field of diabetes followed by a panel of participants with diverse points of view and perspectives on diabetes care- past, present and future. Speakers include DreaMed CEO Eran Atlas and OurCrowd Business Development Partner Laly David. Register here.


Partner event: OurCrowd is partnering with Fintech Week Tel Aviv, which takes place the week of the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, from February 9-12. OurCrowd community receives 20% discount on tickets when using the promo code “OC20” – Register and get more information here.

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