AngelHack has decided to bring a hacking competition to Tel Aviv, marking the first time they will ever be here.

AngleHack is a company built to help startups reach the next level by mentoring them, advising them, and setting them up with the right people.

Some would say that there is no better place than starting up a company than Israel, but that doesn’t necessarily prepare the companies to work globally. Tomorrow, November 9th, AngelHack will pick the best 25 start ups in Israel, mentor them for 6 weeks, then fly them to Silicon Valley to meet with companies like Facebook and Google. These Israeli startups will then learn the tricks of the trade and be prepared to work abroad.

Companies like AngelHack are continuing the trend that we have seen over the last few years. A few years ago, few events like these reached Israel, and now Israel is a prime target. Israel raised more money from venture capital per capita than any other country, including 20 times more than Europe and double that of the US!

OurCrowd isn’t the only one that believes in the Start Up Nation. Data does too.

Israeli innovation is seen everywhere, whether you know it or not. Almost every computer and cell phone that we use has Israeli chips. Organizations and events like AngelHack make that possible; they allow Israeli entrepreneurs and developers to integrate into the hi-tech world thousands of miles away.

If you’re an accredited investor, check out our investment opportunities in Israeli startups.

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photo courtesy of Kai Hendry