As more and more of our lives move to the cloud, web security becomes an increasingly important issue.

Hey, even Google shells out good money to aspiring hackers to help it find its own vulnerabilities.

In an article on ZDNet today, David Shamah profiles a couple of white-hat hackers finding holes in the massive search engine’s defenses.

[bra_blockquote align=””]Israeli white-hat hackers have been among the more active in the Google programme; Hayak and hacker Shai Rod were rated among the top discoverers of security bugs for Google during 2012, and hacker Nir Goldshlager is number four on the list of all-time hackers on Google’s 0x0A list, based on the number of bugs discovered and the amount of money paid out by Google.[/bra_blockquote]

All 3 hackers work for Israeli security firm, Avnet, which consults enterprises on security issues.  Israel is well-positioned to address web security as many of today’s leading entrepreneurs have experience locking down government and military networks.

Here’s a list of 6 of the most interesting Israeli tech security firms:

  • Zimperium: This company provides “extreme security” for mobile carriers and enterprises.
  • 6scan: This firm secures websites against hacking, data theft, and defacing. What’s interesting is that it’s essentially productized the security process for website owners with an affordable offering.
  • Watchdox: After raising $9M earlier this year, Watchdox has been busy providing security command-and-control of important documents.
  • MyPermissions: Worried that too many apps are siphoning off your data and activity on Facebook or other social networks? MyPermissions enables a 1-click automatic scan of your app permissions.
  • DoubleVerify: DoubleVerify has developed a system that ensures every ad impression is a quality impression, every impression is compliant, and every ad was served and displayed exactly as intended.
  • indeni: Indeni provides a proactive monitoring system to the enterprise to help predict and correct errors in real-time.

What did we miss? Which Israeli security startups belong on this list?

Let us know in the comments.

H/T Miriam Schwab

photo courtesy of pylbug