As awareness and concern grow about the impacts of global environmental issues, both individuals and companies are demanding transparency and smarter solutions for everything from energy use management to food supply and agriculture.

shutterstock_153182714GreenTech startups have been at the forefront of innovation and creativity, finding new ways to leverage technology to help solve environmental problems and protect our planet. Furthermore, the innovation in this field is attracting the attention of venture capitalists and tech industry leaders who recognize the enormous opportunities for investment and growth.

OurCrowd itself has history and experience with investing in and growing GreenTech companies, and has recently announced the launch of Radicle, an accelerator fund dedicated to growing early stage agricultural technology startups into proven industry leaders.

As we continue to build, grow, and invest in sustainable technologies, we’re pleased to share the following infographic capturing the scope of some of the amazing GreenTech companies in OurCrowd’s portfolio.

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