In case you somehow missed it, three weeks ago OurCrowd hosted the 2016 Global Investor Summit, Israel’s largest gathering of top tech innovators, startups, angel investors, VCs, and other industry leaders in Jerusalem.

Thousands of attendees poured in from 50 countries to meet with 100 global venture and corporate partners, learn about our startup portfolio, and hear from our selection of top panelists and speakers.

Were you missing from the crowd of attendees? Or are you nostalgic for all the great conversations on stage about future tech? Fear not! Watch the sessions and panels below on the video playlist, or on OurCrowd’s YouTube channel. The playlist is being updated, so stay tuned for even more video.

Watch scenes from the 2016 Global Investor Summit:

Rundown of the Playlist:

  1. The Future, presented by OurCrowd: Watch samples of the global startups that are building the tech that will power our future.
  2. The State of Startup Investing: Welcome to the 2016 Global Investor Summit! OurCrowd Founder & CEO Jon Medved kicked off the day with encouraging words about where the world of startup investing is headed.
  3. Honda Accelerator presents…: Video from Honda Silicon Valley Lab, shown at the 2016 Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem.
  4. Future of Mobility: What does the future car look like to you? What did you imagine the future would look like, 20 years ago? Autonomous driving. 360-degree vision. Accident-free roads. Featuring Nick Sugimoto, Senior Program Director, Honda Silicon Valley Lab, with: VocalZoom, Engie, Zoomcar. [For more on this topic, see: The Future Car: Driving the next generation of automotive technology]
  5. Future of Corporate Innovation: If your vision of corporate giants doesn’t include venture, entrepreneurship, or innovation – you’re going about it all wrong. Find out why with Alan Boehme, CTO, Chief Innovation Officer, The Coca-Cola Company; with: Cimagine, [For more on this topic, see: These Companies are Shaping the Future of Corporate Innovation]
  6. Future of Mobile: The smartphone may be smart, but it’s no longer simply a phone. We’ve come so far – what’s next for our handheld devices? Featuring Gonzalo Martínez de Azagra, Investor and Technology Strategist, Samsung Ventures; with: Consumer Physics, Corephotonics, Pixie. [For more on this topic, see: The Future Mobile: Ringing in the next generation of smartphones]
  7. Future of the Connected World: How will the world be connected in 2020? 2030? Beyond? Here’s a peek into what that will look like… Featuring Oded Meirav, GE Global Research Israel (on behalf of Harel Kodesh, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, GE-Digital); with: mPrest, CropX, BriefCam, Stringify. [For more on this topic, see: Internet of Things: The next wave of our connected world]
  8. Step up: Join the Crowd >>> Are you an innovator? A dreamer? A builder? Whichever fits you best, you have a role to play in the Global Rise of the Crowd. Step up and join us! [A live performance at the 2016 Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem]
  9. Lessons Learned – How to Build a Billion-Dollar Company: OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved moderates a panel on what it takes from investors and entrepreneurs to create a successful company. Featuring Elie Wurtman (Serial Venture Investor; Executive Chairman,, Dov Moran (Founder, M-Systems; Managing Partner, Grove Ventures), Radek Sali (CEO, Swisse), and Eli Fruchter (Founder & CEO, EZchip).
  10. Future of Cybersecurity: How are we protected – our devices, our finances, even our cars – in the future? Hear from Indu Kodukula, CISO, Intuit; with: BioCatch, AppDome, Morphisec. [For more on this topic, see: The Next Thing in Cybersecurity Innovation: Securing your future?]
  11. Future of Health: The future of healthcare is predictive. Preventive. And in the palm of your hand. Explore your future with Moneshia zu Eltz, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Partnering, Philips; with: Zebra Medical Vision, Sweetch, Sight Diagnostics. [For more on this topic, see: Looking ahead to a more connected era of healthcare]
  12. 2016 Global Investor Summit Recap: A journey in photos