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[Stellar Cyber in AI Thority] Zyston Adopts Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform to Deliver Better Managed Security While Accelerating Analyst Productivity

Stellar Cyber, the innovator of Open XDR, and Zyston, a Dallas-based provider of managed security services, announced that Zyston has adopted the Stellar Cyber platform as the core of its security operations center. Intrigued by the concept of XDR but unwilling to lock itself into a relationship with just one security vendor, Zyston chose Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform for its collection of native tools as well as its ability to integrate with popular third-party tools. Read more...

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[Corelight in AP News] Corelight Announces New Platform to Deliver Open-Source Powered Network Evidence Integrated with Machine Learning and Behavioral Analytics

SAN FRANCISCO, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Corelight, the leader in open network detection and response (NDR), today announced Corelight Investigator, a SaaS-based solution that extends the power of open-source driven network evidence to SOC teams everywhere. Investigator delivers advanced capabilities for transforming network and cloud activity into evidence in a fast, intuitive platform that is easy to deploy and use. Read...

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[Hub Security in FX Empire] Considering Quantum Computing May Decrypt All Encryptions in the Near Future, This company May Make a Difference

However, researchers are racing against the clock to develop new encryption systems because quantum computers can break existing ones. According to a recent study by Forbes, a large-scale quantum computer might break existing public-key cryptography eight years from now with its power of quickly computing prime factors. Read more...

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[InsideTracker in Mashable] We tried InsideTracker: The ‘ultra-personalized nutrition system’

Today, getting serious about your nutrition means more than tracking your macros, testing for sensitivities, and hiring a dietician. There’s now a whole industry devoted to personalized nutrition, which uses individual characteristics — typically saliva, blood, or stool samples as well as lifestyle habits — to design custom diets and offer targeted advice that theoretically leads to longer, healthier, and fuller lives. Read more...

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