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[BetterSeeds in mmj daily] “The exported Israeli seeds could revolutionize the American cannabis growing process”

After almost a year since removing the ban on the export of Cannabis seeds, the first ever Israeli cannabis seeds have been shipped to a foreign country. Cannabis seeds from seed company BetterSeeds were shipped to the US. BetterSeeds specializes in the genetic improvement of agricultural crops by using precise and advanced cultivation of varieties and adapting them to future agricultural needs. Read...

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[Clinch in PR Newswire] Clinch and Neustar, a TransUnion Company, Expand Partnership to Enhance Attribution with Real-time Engagement Data

NEW YORK, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Clinch, the “Personalization Everywhere” company that leads the industry in AI-driven omnichannel personalization and dynamic ad-serving, today announced an expanded partnership with Neustar, a TransUnion Company, to provide advertisers a unique and more complete view of attribution across their entire campaign footprint. Now, Neustar’s Marketing Attribution solution can be activated directly within the Clinch UI, to empower advertisers with rich insights into the channels, strategies, creatives, and other factors that contribute to campaign performance, in real-time. Read more...

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