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[SmartAsset in PR Newswire] Cetera extends investor acquisition program to all affiliated financial professionals based on organic growth results

Cetera Financial Group, one of America’s largest networks of financial professionals, today announced that its investor acquisition program is expanding to all Cetera-affiliated financial professionals and that participants are eligible for reimbursement of their investment into the program. LeadEngine, which is powered by SmartAsset – the largest lead generation platform for financial professionals – is Cetera’s exclusive investor acquisition program that connects financial professionals directly with highly qualified prospects who are actively seeking a financial professional. Read...

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[SaNOtize in NoCamels] SaNOtize ramps up anti-Covid nasal spray production to keep up with demand

SaNOtize CEO Dr. Gilly Regev visited Israel earlier this month as she inspected the increase in manufacturing production of her company’s antiviral nasal spray, Enovid, which clinical tests have shown to be highly effective against many viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and all its variants – even Delta. Read more...

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