March is a busy month at OurCrowd: In addition to the new, exciting investment opportunities on the platform, our team has been traveling the world hosting events for the global OurCrowd community. Check out our blog to see the full events calendar and join us on the road in a city near you.

With that, here is a summary of all the currently funding companies on OurCrowd:

XpresSpa – The leading airport spa chain

xpresspaThe frequent-flyers out there should recognize this brand. XpresSpa is the leading airport spa chain, with over 40 locations worldwide. The XpresSpa kiosks are visited by over 1 million passengers every year, who enjoy a wide range of spa services such as massages, manicures, skin treatments and haircuts.

Airport concessions in general are an $8B market that is growing at a rapid pace of 5% annually. XpresSpa plans on capitalizing in this market from two separate revenue streams, consisting of spa treatments and the sales of retail products.

We are investing in XpresSpa alongside veteran retail investor and CEO of Mistral Equity Partners Andy Heyer.

Learn more about our investment in XpresSpa.

Global Kinetics –Wearable sensor for tracking Parkinson’s disease

GKCParkinson’s Disease affects over 1 million people in the US alone, costing the economy over $25B annually. Global Kinetics developed a wearable device that provides neurologists and practitioners with real time data on their patient’s symptoms. Their device, the Parkinson’s KinetiGraph (PKG), is a combined data logger and cloud-based software program that can log up to 10 days worth of activity from each individual patient.

So far, Global Kinetics’ device has been approved by the regulatory bodies in the US, Europe, Australia and many Asia-Pacific countries. Andrew Maxwell, Global Kinetics CEO and founder has over 25 years of successful entrepreneurial experience in Australia and Asia.

Learn more about our investment in Global Kinetics.

CrediFi – Bloomberg for commercial real estate

CrediFiCrediFi is a Bloomberg-like platform for the multi-trillion dollar commercial real estate (CRE) markets. Currently, investors looking to invest in real estate do not have a transparent database that can help them assess risk and make more informed investment decisions.

Using their own proprietary algorithms, CrediFi aggregates data from information on the Internet, public records, and institutional reports. The platform is designed to serve players across the CRE ecosystem, such as banks, private equity funds, property owners, and tenants.

CEO and founder of CrediFi, Ely Razin, is a seasoned financial data executive who sold his last company to Thomson Reuters. We are joined in this round of investment by another large VC as well as several strategic angel investors.

Learn more about our investment in CrediFi.

Bat Blue – Cloud-based cyber security solution

bat blueLast year, the number of global cyber attacks increased by 48%, driving the annual expenditure on cyber security to grow to over $70B. Bat Blue is addressing this global crisis with a cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive protection for clients across all computers, mobile devices and remote access points.

Using cloud-based cyber security software gives clients multiple advantages over current enterprise solutions, including increased reliability and the capacity to scale the software on demand.

Bat Blue’s customer roster includes household names like ESPN, Disney, Tumblr and NYSE. Babak Pasdar, CEO and founder of Bat Blue, recently published this video explaining how Bat Blue’s proprietary solution could have protected Target and Home Depot against their recent data breaches.

Learn more about our investment in Bat Blue.

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