Diversification is one of the most basic and important principals of investing.  This April, we launched a broad range of companies across a multitude of industries on OurCrowd’s platform. These span from cutting-edge brain technology to the world’s first meter-dosed medical cannabis inhaler. For more information on all of our currently funding companies, visit the site and click the “Browse Startups” tab.

Below, read about five of the companies we’re investing in this April on OurCrowd; for an under-the-radar investment, log in on www.ourcrowd.com.

Syqe Medical

Syqe MedicalSyqe Medical is the world’s first meter-dosed, medical cannabis inhaler. Today, doctors have no way to measure the intake of prescription cannabis to patients, which directly impacts the affectivity of the prescription. Syqe is getting in at the ground floor of what is projected to be an $11B legal cannabis market in the US alone. Perry Davidson, founder and CEO of Syqe, has over 9 years of experience in controlled substance regulation and state implementation in Israel.

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ElMindAOver 2 billion people worldwide live with some form of a brain-related disorder. Early intervention and a better understanding of how the brain functions are critical to addressing this problem. ElMindA developed an FDA and CE-approved, next-generation mapping tool for visualizing the brain’s neural activity. The solution uses a 64 electrode wearable cap to measure neural activity associated with cognitive function, allowing for insights unparalleled by existing brain imaging and evaluation tools. The company has shown impressive early traction, partnering with major US professional sports teams, and is backed by an impressive roster of investors.

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Scalabill.itA huge pain point for software startups today is trying to manage and match proof-of-concept pilots with potential institutional customers.  Pilots are costly, time consuming and require special integration with each partner for every single pilot. Scalabill.it is streamlining and securing this process, with plans to become a marketplace for major corporations and technology startups. The Scalabill.it solution requires a one-time integration, which allows them to conduct multiple, simultaneous pilots. Scalabill.it is led by Toby Olshanetsky and Alexey Sapozhnikov, serial entrepreneurs who, between them, are responsible for five exits.

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MAFMyAgentFinder (MAF) is a San Diego-based startup that provides high-quality leads for real estate professionals. According to a recent Goldman Sachs report, nearly 90% of real estate buyers and sellers use an agent, equating to an estimated $52B in commissions. MAF’s unique lead generation platform and business model will help deliver higher quality leads and maximize ROI for agents. Founders and brothers David and Avi Tal are both serial entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the real estate sector.

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Stealth Mode: Mobile advertising using contextual targeting

Real time ad bidding closely resembles a stock market trading floor, much like one you may have seen in movies like the Boiler Room or Wolf of Wall Street. Companies spend billions of dollars annually using a “spray and pray” method of advertising, trying to hit the right person, with the right ad, at the right time. Serving ads has become even more difficult with the recent yet dramatic move to mobile. Experts project that mobile advertising spend could reach $73B by 2018. One of our latest investments on the OurCrowd platform developed a cutting edge mobile advertising platform that has the ability to deliver precise ads based on real life contextual data. By analyzing billions of data points and machine learning, this company can highly target relevant, potential customers.

Next Steps

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