In an industry barely a few years old and growing quickly, angel investors are faced with multiple choices when deciding if they should try an accredited investor equity platform for startup investments.

invest key boardIt can be exciting and daunting as the platforms themselves differ greatly in their business model, deal types, and possible outcomes.

Join Rany Raviv, VP Business Development and M&A Iberdrola Renewables, Sarit Rozycki, President at SLR Associates in NYC, Shai Magzimof, CEO & Co-Founder of NextPeer, and Jonathan Medved, CEO of OurCrowd, for a 60-minute webinar with Angel Capital Association exploring the various online equity platforms for startup investing.

Investor Experiences with Online Equity Platforms

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 (7:00 PM Israel / 12:00 PM NYC / 3:00 PM San Francisco)

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn from two experienced angel investors who’ve each invested through several different platforms.
  • Learn how they evaluate platforms, including differences in experience, term sheets and, of course, deal flow.

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Moderator: Bill Carleton, Attorney with McNaul Ebel Nawrot & Helgren. Bill is a key member of the ACA public policy advisory committee and author of a recent article about accredited equity investing.
Investor speakers: Rany Raviv, VP Business Development and M&A Iberdrola Renewables, Sarit Rozycki, President at SLR Associates, both highly experienced investors who have invested using a variety of platforms including OurCrowd.
Entrepreneur: Shai Magzimof, CEO & Co-Founder of NextPeer, who received equity funding through the OurCrowd platform.
Platform executive: Jonathan Medved, CEO & Founder of OurCrowd, a leading equity-based crowdfunding platform.

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