The Financial Times did an in-depth review of Israel’s headstart in becoming a global leader in computer vision technology – and it has a lot to do with founders (featuring Taranis, VayaVision and Zebra Medical Vision). Read about how Edgybees is assisting in fighting the California Camp Fire, being used by first responders on the ground and in command and control centers with live, critical geographical data.

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Israel is a true leader in computer vision, with companies like Taranis, Zebra Medical Vision, VayaVision and more. This is the kind of thing that’s really hard to duplicate and Israel is way ahead. There are good pockets of technology for this stuff in the US, Japan, China. But nothing like in Israel. From Financial Times – Computer vision: how Israel’s secret soldiers drive its tech success.

Drone technology is changing the world in more ways than we ever imagined: Israeli drone tech beats swords into ploughshares to solve real-world problems.

“In the fight against Northern California’s Camp Fire, portfolio company Edgybees is using AR overlay of drone footage…to give first responders real-time footage of their surroundings.” These Technology Startups Help First Responders And Shorten 911 Response Times.


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yulife and Lemonade herald the change in the insurance community, from a top-down, reactive, and opaque model to one that is user-focused, responsive, and transparent. InsurTech: Turning an age-old industry into an AI tech sector. (OurCrowd Blog)

Wise words from Andy Kessler: Anything Good Takes Exactly Five Meetings. (Wall Street Journal) 

“Whether you’re a small company or a full-fledged name-brand, undergoing a rebranding is hard work.” How to Successfully Communicate to Customers That You’re Rebranding. (Aleph) 

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OurCrowd’s Denes Ban shared the secrets of the Israeli entrepreneurial spirit to a room full of entrepreneurs in Hong Kong: How to win funding and influence investors, tech startup-style.

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