Yoni Bloch’s Interlude raises an estimated $40M — from Sony! Check out these five Israeli innovations that are making air travel safe and smart. Meet Israel’s youngest entrepreneurs who are  showing off their marketable products at fairs and competitions. Read up on these news items and more, below…

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Yoni Bloch’s Interlude raises estimated $40M from Sony

Interlude NL.minInterlude, which enables the viewer to choose the continuation of the plot in the video they are watching, has raised an estimated $40 million. The financing round leader is none other than Sony Pictures Entertainment. Learn more.

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5 super cool Israeli technologies making air travel safe and smart

Flying NL.minDespite air accidents dominating the headlines, flying by plane is still one of the safest ways to travel. Israelis are at the forefront of a slew of innovations that promise to make traveling a little easier and a lot safer. Learn more.

Not old enough to drive, but old enough to invent

young entrepreneurs NL.minIsrael’s youngest entrepreneurs, Daniel Alon and Adam Levy, are only 15 years old, but they have already invented helpful household gadgets that they hope to commercialize on a large scale. Learn more.

Bill Gates among investors in new Israeli incubator

Bill Gates NL.minBill Gates has invested indirectly in a newly established technological incubator for the development of medical devices. As far as is known, this is Gates first-ever investment in Israel. Learn more.

10 entrepreneurs vie for Global Innovation Awards

Global Innovation comp NL 2.minTen entrepreneurs competed at the Global Innovation Awards semifinal, aiming to come out on top of the global startup competition that is taking place in parallel in China, the US, and Europe. Learn more.

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  • Israel kicks off Cybersecurity Conference to tackle global threats (ToI)
  • How will Israeli innovation play into the global robotics industry? (TechCrunch)
  • Israeli automated drone system Airobotics raises $28.5M (Geektime)
  • Israel’s Zebra brings machine learning to US healthcare (Forbes)
  • Cybersecurity company, LightCyber, raises $20M (Globes)

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