prooV, the only end-to-end Proof-of-Concept (PoC) ecosystem that connects enterprises with independent software vendors and facilitates the testing and integration process, announced the results of the PoC it ran on its own platform. Upon reaching the milestone of having 100 enterprises host PoC opportunities on its platform and over 500 startups and software vendors actively offer thousands of solutions, prooV gained valuable insights into pain points and preferences from both sides regarding the process. The result- prooV 2.0.

prooV’s ecosystem reduces the time and resources spent on finding, testing, and implementing software solutions, solving problems felt by enterprises and vendors throughout the heretofore tedious process. The entirety of prooV 2.0’s revolutionary concept of an end-to-end innovation ecosystem has been constructed based on speaking to hundreds of prooV’s users in the past several months, gleaning valuable insights into preferences regarding the PoC process, and implementing measures to solve difficult issues present in collaborative innovation.

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