mPrest, a global provider of mission-critical monitoring, control and analytics software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), critical infrastructure security and defense sectors, today announced the completion of their Information Grid project – a platform enabling the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) to optimize and further secure the management and control of all its disparate systems, process, assets, facilities and infrastructure.

Using mPrest’s command, control and analytics product, tens of thousands of IEC’s sensors across 600 sites and mobile assets are now connected through a single platform, which aggregates, analyzes and outputs data while enabling real-time end-to-end processes and integration of IT and Operational Technology(OT) platforms. Adoption of the mPrest platform provided all IEC departments a holistic and aggregated, real-time picture of their operations. The project is a model for the services mPrest provides to other power utilities worldwide. mPrest’s current customers are spread around the United States, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

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