Leading technology website, VentureBeat, featured OurCrowd portfolio company Nextpeer, which has developed a platform that allows any iOS developer to easily integrate a first-class multiplayer experience into their games.

Nextpeer made its name by turning single-player mobile games into multiplayer challenges. Now it is launching software to enable game developers to add a social layer to their games to increase engagement and improve the discovery of new games.

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Nextpeer’s new cross-platform social software development kit attacks the big problem of how developers can get discovered in an app store full of a million games. The social layer adds features that make it more likely for people to try new games, such as multiplayer gameplay, friend invitations, and seeing what your friends are playing.

Nextpeer raised $325,000 from OurCrowd investors in December 2012, $350,000 in its 2nd round of investment in March 2013 and $660,000 in its 3rd round of investment in January 2014.

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