Zvi Schreiber, the CEO of OurCrowd’s portfolio company Freightos, wrote a feature on the state and future of the freight industry in TechCrunch, a leading technology website. Freightos offers a Software as a Service cloud solution for automating pricing and sales in the trillion dollar freight (cargo) industry.

In November 2015, Beijing Century Joyo Courier Services registered with the U.S. government as an ocean shipping provider. So what? Well, Beijing Century Joyo Courier Services is a subsidiary of none other than Amazon. And earlier in the year, Amazon had already expanded its logistics presence with air transportation and trucking.

Amazon’s entry into the trillion-dollar freight industry can have huge impact on Amazon‘s international sellers, importers and end consumers. But within the context of Amazon‘s modus operandi, it may spell even broader change in one of the world’s largest industries.

Freightos raised $550,000 from OurCrowd investors in November 2012 and $110,000 in a follow-on funding round in 2013.

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