OurCrowd portfolio company Cimagine was featured in The Times of Israel, an English-language news website covering Israel, the region & the Jewish world. Cimagine hopes to boost sales and increase consumer confidence by providing a mobile platform on which to visualize merchandise three dimensionally in their intended locations.

When shopping for clothes, most consumers insist on trying them on before buying — but that hasn’t usually been an option when shopping for furniture. Now it is — except that, instead of buying a sofa and having it delivered to see how it looks, consumers can use technology by Israel’s Cimagine to virtually visualize how a piece of furniture will fit in with their décor.

At last week’s Augmented World Expo in Silicon Valley, Cimagine unveiled a new version of its augmented-reality shopping platform — a system that lets users virtually “furnish” an empty room from an online catalog using their mobile device.


Cimagine raised $389,071 from OurCrowd investors in July 2014.

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