OurCrowd’s portfolio company BioCatch was featured in The Times of Israel, an English-language news website covering Israel, the region & the Jewish world. The company has developed a novel form of authentication used by online businesses to continuously guarantee users are who they say they are, by analyzing their behavioral and cognitive responses.

When a user interacts with a BioCatch-powered site for the first time, the system records their behavior, adding it to their user profile, along with username and password information. When the user returns, the site’s authentication system checks the login information — while BioCatch checks to see if the user’s Cognitive Signature matches the one in their profile. If it doesn’t, that user is barred from accessing the online account and information – even if they have the right password.

That would include exceptional or unusual behavior when interacting with a banking site, said Oren Kedem, VP Products of BioCatch. With its system, BioCatch can determine if the user accessing a bank account is moving the mouse in the usual way, or if they are clicking on links in the usual order. If there is a deviation, the bank is alerted immediately – and the transaction is nipped in the bud. Thus, regardless of how badly a victim has been fooled, the system can prevent them from getting ripped off.

BioCatch raised $3,334,500 from OurCrowd investors in February 2014.

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