OurCrowd’s portfolio company BioCatch was featured in The Next Web, a leading technology news website. The company has developed a novel form of authentication used by online businesses to continuously guarantee users are who they say they are, by analyzing their behavioral and cognitive responses.

BioCatch uses clever analysis of how you interact with banking apps to make sure that you’re the same person who logged in. There’s more to biometric security than fingerprint readers and retina scanners; there are all sorts of ways your body can betray your true identity, and these can be used to catch criminals in the act.

From the angle you hold a device at, to the way you browse around an app, BioCatch captures a profile of legitimate users and tracks how the app is used later in a session to make sure it stays consistent.

BioCatch raised $3,334,500 from OurCrowd investors in February 2014.

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