Leading technology website, TechCrunch, featured OurCrowd portfolio company BioCatch. The company has developed a novel form of authentication used by online businesses to continuously guarantee users are who they say they are, by analyzing their behavioral and cognitive responses.

Rather than focusing on stopping cybercriminals with walls, new technologies are emerging that work to identify cybercriminals instead. Take the relatively new startup BioCatch, which received $11.6 million in funding over three rounds. BioCatch’s technology works to identify patterns of user behavior in certain applications, creating user profiles that can then be matched to subsequent visits.

For example, if you visit an e-commerce platform and move your cursor in a certain pattern, or type at a certain speed, BioCatch will be able to determine, on future visits, whether or not the user with your login credentials is actually “you.” Account takeovers, remote access (RAT), and MitB malware attacks could all be potentially thwarted by this approach.

BioCatch raised $3,334,500 from OurCrowd investors in February 2014.

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