OurCrowd portfolio company Surgical Theater was featured on CBS News’ “CBS This Morning.” Surgical Theater has developed software that combines the science of flight simulation with advanced CT/MRI imaging technology to allow surgeons to perform a 3D “flight simulation” of surgery before the actual operation.

 At UCLA, neurosurgeons are slipping on virtual reality headsets to go inside their patients’ brains. “I’m virtually inside the skull of the patient walking around, floating around,” [said Dr. Neil Martin, chairman of University of California Los Angeles’ department of neurosurgery].

He’s developing this virtual technology with Surgical Theater CEO Moty Avisar, a former officer in the Israeli air force who designed flight simulators for F-16 fighter jets.

Surgical Theater raised $580,000 from OurCrowd investors in April 2013 and $1,080,000  in its 2nd round of funding in January 2014.

View the segment below or read the accompanying article on CBS here.