OurCrowd’s portfolio company Argo (ReWalk) was been featured on CBS News, the news division of American television and radio network CBS. Argo has developed an exoskeleton device called the ReWalk, providing paraplegics with an independent, natural walking experience that provides them numerous social, psychological, and physical benefits.

After his first few surgeries, when [Robert Woo] regained use of his arms, he did what many of us would do in times of uncertainty — he turned to the Internet to research. He came across The ReWalk, a robotic exoskeleton developed by Argo Medical Technologies in Israel. Its inventor, Dr. Amit Goffer, was a quadriplegic who was searching for a better alternative to the wheelchair.

“I’m not generally an emotional guy, but I felt quite a rush the first time that I saw someone get up in device,” said Kozlowski. “I hate to sound cliché, but it did bring a tear to my eye.”


Argo (ReWalk) raised $1,280,000 from OurCrowd investors in June 2013.

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The article also contains a video segment, watch it below: