The 2018 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit was fantastic. With so many investors, entrepreneurs, and startups gathered in Jerusalem, the press had alot to cover. Here is our press roundup so far!

  1. Ourcrowd Summit: Israel’s Largest Investor Event: i24 News; February 1, 2018
  2. Ping An’s Global Voyager Fund Invests $25 Million in Telehealth Startup Tyto Care: By Asaf Shalev; CTech; February 1, 2018
  3. CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup: CTech; February 1, 2018
  4. Insurer AmTrust Taps Israel’s Startup Hub: By Asaf Shalev; CTech; February 1, 2018
  5. The Normal Life: Secrets of the Start-Up Nation: By Brian Blum; The Jerusalem Post; February 1, 2018
  6. Automotive Cybersecurity Company Argus Plans to Double Employee Count in 2018: By Lilach Baumer; CTech; February 1, 2018
  7. OurCrowd 2018: the Startup Nation is Still Growing. In Israel Invested More Than 5 Billion in a Year: By David Casalini; StartupItalia!; February 1, 2018
  8. Israel OurCrowd: By Tsafrir Abayov; The Gazette (AP); February 1, 2018
    1. ABC News
  9. OurCrowd Launches $50Mln Fund: By Iris Dorbian; PEHub; February 1, 2018
  10. Israeli Firm Takes Venture World With Crowdfunding Approach: By Ilan Ben Zion; The New York Times (AP); February 1, 2018
    1. Chicago Tribune
    2. The Washington Post
    3. San Diego Union Tribune
    5. USNews
    6. Fox News
    7. Houston Chronicle
    8. Israel Hayom 
    9. Ynet
  11. OurCrowd Sets Up $50m Sports-Tech Fund: Globes; February 1, 2018
  12. OurCrowd Sets Up $50 Million Fund to Invest in Sports Tech: By Urvashi Verma; The Times of Israel; February 1, 2018
  13. Inversores en tech se reúnen en el Global Investor Summit El Financiero Bloomberg; February 1, 2018
  14. Ourcrowd Raises $650m., Arab Investors Show Increased Interest: By Max Schindler; Jerusalem Post; February 1, 2018
  15. Israeli Private Individuals Investing on OurCrowd Now Entitled to Significant Tax Deductions: By Erin Hobey; Crowdfund Insider; February 1, 2018
  16. OurCrowd Teams Up With Adi Dassler-Backed leAD Sports to Launch $50 Million Sports Tech Fund: By Samantha Hurst; Crowdfund Insider; February 1, 2018
  17. Bible-based Investment in Israel is ‘Tremendous Fit’ For Evangelical Christians: By Eliana Rudee; Breaking Israel News; February 1, 2018
  18. OurCrowd Has Raised $650 Million for 145 Startups And Will Top $1 Billion in 2018: By Stewart Rogers; VentureBeat; January 31, 2018
  19. OurCrowd’s Labs/02 Set to Invest Up to 100 Early Stage Companies Over the Next 10 Years with Israel Innovation Authority Support: By Samantha Hurst; Crowdfund Insider; January 31, 2018
  20. OurCrowd Has Raised $650 Million for 145 Startups, On Track to Surpass $1 Billion in 2018: By JD Alois; Crowdfund Insider; January 31, 2018
  21. Israel’s OurCrowd to Hit $1 Bln in Assets From Crowdfunding in ’18: Reuters; January 31, 2018
  22. OurCrowd Jerusalem Incubator to Invest in 100 Startups: Globes; January 31, 2018
    1. Finsmes
  23. Jerusalem-based Equity Crowdfunding Firm Says It’s on Track to Top $1 Billion in Assets Managed: By Tofi Stoler; CTech; January 31, 2018
  24. Jerusalem Startup Incubator Plans to Invest in 100 Startups: By Meir Orbach; CTech; January 31, 2018
  25. OurCrowd CEO Talks Pioneering Israel’s Startup Scene, BDS in Exclusive Interview; By Eliana Rudee; BIN; January 31, 2018
  26. It’s A Love Affair For Now Between China And Israeli Venture Deal Makers: By Rebecca Fannin; Forbes; January 31, 2018
  27. OurCrowd Set To Exceed $1B In Crowdfunded Assets In 2018: NoCamels; January 31, 2018
  28. OurCrowd CEO Talks Pioneering Israel’s Start-Up Scene, BDS in Exclusive Interview: By Eliana Rudee; Breaking Israel News; January 31, 2018
  29. OurCrowd: Marrying Israeli innovation and Global Investment By Chris Mitchell; CBN; February 2, 2018
  30. At Annual Summit, OurCrowd Highlights its Key Role in Some Of Israeli Tech Scene’s Biggest Deals By Simona Shemer; No Camels; February 1, 2018
  31. Galicia busca inversiones y emprendimiento innovador en Israel  By Sal Emergui; El Mundo; February 1, 2018
  32. Jerusalem’s OurCrowd to Collaborate with Berlin-Based Accelerator leAD on New Sports Tech Fund By Tofi Stoller; Calcalistech; February 1, 2018
  33. OurCrowd Raises $650 M, Arab Investors Show Increased Interest By Max Schindler; Jerusalem Post; February 1, 2018
  34. Israel Equity Crowdfunding Platform Raises Funds to Support Start-ups Xinhua; February 2, 2018
  35. Bible-Based Investments in Israel is ‘Tremendous Fit’ for Evangelical Christians By Eliana Rudee; WIN; February 1, 2018
  36. Intesa Sanpaolo fa squadra e porta le startup fashion nella capitale del fintech. Le sei migliori startup FashionTech a OurCrowd By David Casalini; StartupItalia!; February 2, 2018
  37. OurCrowd Predicts Top Tech Trends for 2018 By JD Alois; Crowdfunding Insider; February 4, 2018
  38. OurCrowd 2018: Jerusalem’s High Tech World Parties By Gil; Jewlicious; February 2, 2018
  39. OurCrowd, leAD Sports will fund Sports Tech Startups with $50M Fund By Max Rettig; Sporttechie; February 4, 2018
  40. Standing Out in the OurCrowd: Women CEOs Shine at Global Investor Summit By Emily Rose; i24 News; February 5, 2018