Sure, lots of companies have offices around the world – so do we. But for a leading global equity crowdfunding platform, it’s worth taking a step back and taking a closer look at how far the portfolio travels.

Over the last few years, OurCrowd has grown into a  leading Israeli and global equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors. What started out as a small group of close friends and business partners working together in a garage has turned into a global community of tens of thousands —  investors, entrepreneurs, and supporters — together building a new model for investing in the future Facebooks and Googles.

To date, OurCrowd has raised over $170 million in equity crowdfunding for its 80+ portfolio companies which include leading companies dispersed across all four corners of the earth.

Take a look below to visualize and interact with the OurCrowd ecosystem. This map illustrates where our portfolio companies are located, what they do, and how to contact them, plus our teams’ locations around the world.

OurCrowd around the globe

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