Can you name the largest asset class in the United States, an enormous market worth about $40 trillion? You’re correct if you guessed real estate. The industry can be broken down into two major areas: $23 trillion for residential housing, and $15 trillion for commercial real estate (CRE) accounts.

While most people may not instinctively see any relationship between real estate and startups, the connection is… real.

In the past few months, real estate technology startups have experienced tremendous growth. With millions of dollars in VC fundraising in Q2 2016, real estate tech, which spans from analytics and risk-analysis to leasing and property management software, has become a sector ripe for growth and disruption.

On the heels of this growth, we are excited to release our industry review of CRE technology in Q2 2016!

Download this free review to learn about:

  • Industry trends
  • Funding levels
  • Top exits
  • Emerging categories
  • The democratization of CRE
  • Industry activity

and more…

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