From cars, to pacemakers, to ATMs, our networked world is becoming more and more vulnerable to cyber attacks. At the 2019 OurCrowd Global Summit, we heard from pioneers in the cybersecurity industry on how they are developing solutions that will keep us safe from financial and identity fraud, car hackings, and insurance risk in the “Cybersecurity in a Connected World” session.

Mitigating Security Risks for Cars of the Future

Michael Dick, CEO of C2A, discussed the necessity for cybersecurity solutions and what C2A does to mitigate security risks for cars of the future. C2A provides in-vehicle end-to-end cyber protection using a bespoke suite of cyber security solutions. C2A products are based on a deep knowledge of the automotive industry’s pains and requirements, and have been engineered from the ground-up with automotive manufacturers’ needs in mind, as well as yours.

AI Takes On Online Fraud

Artificial Intelligence is our greatest weapon in the war for cybersecurity. The best way to use it is by detecting and preventing attacks before they can occur. BioCatch and ThetaRay tackle fraud and hacker detection through Artificial Intelligence.

BioCatch’s CEO Gadi Mazor discusses the science behind the startup’s cutting edge behavioural biometrics platform and why there’s nobody better in the business of hacker detection. BioCatch specializes in pinpointing and analyzing human-device interactions to protect users and precious data. With an unparalleled patent portfolio and deployments at major companies worldwide that cover tens of millions of users to date, BioCatch has established itself as the industry leader for behavioral biometrics.

ThetaRay works to prevent financial fraud. Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay, discusses real-life situations where ThetaRay’s AI platform doesn’t just save money, it saves lives. ThetaRay leverages its market-leading, AI big data analytics platform’s capabilities of unsupervised machine and deep learning patented algorithms to provide a near seamless ability to detect attempts at financial fraud. Currently, their solutions specialize in detection and protection against financial fraud, money laundering, and ATM attacks in real time.

Empowering the Insurance Industry and Businesses

Sayata Labs’ CEO Asaf Lifshitz gives us insight on how Sayata’s best-in-class cyber analytics platform empowers the insurance industry in assessing cyber risk. Sayata Labs’ proprietary information provides meaningful, data-driven insights that allow for better risk differentiation and superior aggregation management. Furthermore, Sayata Labs’ solutions help businesses mitigate their risks, while enabling Sayata’s partners from the insurance industry to grow their cyber book profitably.

Check out the full session where these CEOs give some insight on the future of cybersecurity and convene for a panel on the future of cybersecurity trends, law, and business growth.