Walt Mossberg, leading technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, featured OurCrowd portfolio company Curiyo, software for your web browser that lets you look up names, places and other terms in a pop-up window without leaving the page you’re reading. Curiyo officially launched its product today.

…in one story I read about the Syrian crisis, Curiyo underlined such things as the names of the Russian and Syrian foreign ministers. But it didn’t underline the phrase “chemical weapons.” A long click on the word “chemical” brought up the Curiyo box with information about chemical weapons, because Curiyo’s servers deduced I wanted information about the whole phrase.

Curiyo raised $500,000 from OurCrowd investors in December 2012.


Read more on The Wall Street Journal here.

The article also contains a video review of Curiyo, watch it below: