Join our conversation with XPRIZE Founder, Dr. Peter Diamandis, and SaaS entrepreneur, Christian Cotichini, pioneers of the incentive finance model of global problem solving. With the power of the crowd, organizations now have a launchpad for seeding innovation, like space travel and medical breakthroughs. HeroX, the pair’s two-year-old venture, is an online platform that enables anyone, anywhere, to launch an incentive prize challenge to bring breakthroughs to their communities, companies, or the other side of the world. As active investors in innovation finance, including HeroX, we’re excited to have hosted this conversation with industry leaders Peter and Christian. This webinar:

  • Explored the marketplace for incentive competitions powering top innovations
  • Learned from examples of live campaigns by companies and organizations seeking solutions to global problems
  • Found out how you can participate in growing the innovation finance industry

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