It’s that time of year! Join us for the next eight days for what’s become an OurCrowd tradition: highlighting during Hanukkah — the festival of lights – the top eight Israeli tech trends that spark the interest of our investment team and what they see on the ground.

Trend #1: 3D Printing

Behind the trend:

From food to home décor, 3D printing has moved from the conceptual futuristic novelty to real and readily-available to the masses. Whereas two years ago, many of us were laughing at the $300,000 price tag attached to a 3D-printed hamburger, now anyone sitting at a laptop in their own kitchen can print items as varied as flower vases, jewelry, cellphone cases, and even clothing!

3Dshook is one company making that possible with a massive collection of designs for print at home with consumer grade FDM printers. The designs are available to subscribers of their Print on Demand service. Then, there’s Israeli firm Massavit that’s kicking the technology up a notch or two with the development of an advanced, super-sized printer which will offer solutions in the areas of brand recognition (think point-of-purchase displays) and event production.

What’s up next:

In the short term, 3D printing will continue to attract consumer attention with ornamental and entertainment products like the new made-in-Israel “coffee foam printer.” But certainly in a country known for its medical innovation, we’re likely to see 3D printing more at play in the production of high-quality medical hardware and surgical tools – one example is Syqe Medical‘s first-in-class pocket-sized metered-dose cannabis inhaler, which is 3D printed in their Tel Aviv office.

Some experts are calling 3D printing the next industrial revolution – set to completely change the face of manufacturing. Case in point: the first 3D printed car, designed to exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) standards, is slated for release by 2017.


Check back with us each night of Hanukkah to learn about another tech trend sparking the Startup Nation!

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