Pink-haired, Israeli MIT-grad Limor Fried was just named Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur of 2012.

Limor Fried — who’s colloquially known as Lady Ada — runs adafruit Industries, a $4.5 million company with 25 employees and produces some cool gadgets.

Israeli entrepreneurs go global

The lip-pierced engineer received her masters from MIT and the Media Lab. In many ways, she embodies the modern Israeli entrepreneur. She’s intellectually curious — a tinkerer at heart. She lives the lifestyle and products she sells. She’s every bit one of the crowd she sells to.

According to the article:

[bra_blockquote align=””]Last year New York City-based Adafruit did a booming $10 million trade in sales of DIY open-source electronic hardware kits, so-called because project designs are free and publicly accessible, and customers are encouraged to modify or “hack” the final product. In addition to MintyBoost ($19.50), the online catalog includes in-house designs like the iNecklace ($75), a pendant shaped like an Apple gadget’s “on” button, complete with a pulsing LED light; and third-party products that have earned the “Adafruit seal of approval,” like the MaKey MaKey ($49.95), a device that can turn any object that conducts electricity–a coin, cat, banana–into a functioning touchpad or keyboard.[/bra_blockquote]

As Israeli CEOs move globally, so does top entrepreneurial and engineering talent.

Mazal tov, Lady Ada.


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