We like to say that investing in startups is a team sport.

Truth is, it actually requires an entire support community — lawyers, accountants, investors, universities — to help nurture successful startups. So, a great place for investors to start their search for investment candidates is to begin locally.

This week’s app of the week is StartupDigest: a (free) newsletter of all things startup in your local area.

Essentially, it’s a great curated event calendar. From networking events to technology hackathons to investor meetings, this newsletter is published in close to 100 cities worldwide (see the Israel edition here).

StartupDigest personalized newsletter for all things startup

You can also subscribe to events in a specific industry — very useful for entrepreneurs or investors who are very focused in their activities.

The newsletter works like this:

  • People sign up to curate local or industry-specific newsletters
  • These curators identify important events or receive submissions for them
  • periodically, these events are rolled together into an email newsletter you can subscribe to

What do you use to stay current on local tech events?


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