The stage is set for what should be a record-breaking month here at OurCrowd. As the world drifts into summer vacation, we’re ramping up our activities to bring our community of investors some of the top investment opportunities in the startup scene today. In the past three weeks, we have launched 5 new investments — which means, 5 new companies on our online platform.

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BT9: Internet of things for supply chain management

Thumb_ee599e11-b04e-4140-ab14-598c0b0bbcf1The global food and produce shipping industry uses what is known as a “cold chain” system to keep their products fresh through delivery. A major problem in this system is detecting malfunctions or sudden changes in humidity or climate, which can completely destroy the products being shipped.

BT9 has created an integrated data collection and communication platform that accurately monitors the temperature and condition of individual shipping crates and pallets in real time. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, nearly 50 million kg of food is wasted globally due to cold chain system malfunctions.

This data point can be reduced dramatically using BT9’s technology, saving both consumers and suppliers millions of dollars in waste and damages. BT9’s management brings over 35 years experience in the food shipping and packaging industry.

PowWow: Mobilizing corporate software in minutes

PowWow logoPerhaps the most prolific trend in technology nowadays, is the move towards mobile devices. While the world migrates from laptops to tablets, many of the enterprise level software systems are being left behind. The software used in mobile devices simply cannot support these systems to allow them to run efficiently.

PowWow has created a solution to this problem that takes enterprise software and makes it useable on mobile devices — in just a matter of hours. And with PowWow, these legacy software applications feel as if they were designed native to our smart phones and tablets.  Fortune 500 companies have reported using over 5,000 desktop applications that are not compatible with mobile, making the total market demand for PowWow’s technology ripe with opportunity.

In addition to OurCrowd, PowWow and their impressive management team have secured strategic investments from prominent angel investors.

EdenShield: Organic crop protection from insect damage

Thumb_973d2ef7-15d0-4fb5-b2b2-0c661fb2477bThe team at EdenShield has developed a completely natural, odor-masking technology to protect crops from costly insect damage. The main ingredient is derived from a plant extract native to the Judean Desert in Israel.

EdenShield’s proprietary solution addresses the multi billion-dollar crop protection market and plans to eventually replace the toxic chemicals currently used to protect crops from insects. The spray is effective in masking the odor of vegetables and flowers and will now be deployed to protect the growth of medicinal cannabis.

EdenShield’s management brings over 20 years experience in agricultural technology and industrial engineering.

ReWalk: Giving paraplegics the ability to walk again

Thumb_3c9bad66-fca8-4f33-a397-bfee0fd1a55aReWalk Robotics is the creator of the first commercial robotic exoskeleton, giving paraplegics the ability to walk again. The futuristic device gives wheelchair bound individuals the freedom to stand, sit and walk independently.  Perhaps the most inspiring fact about ReWalk, is that the company was founded by Dr. Amit Goffer, a quadriplegic driven to help those with debilitating spinal cord injuries.

The ReWalk device was just granted FDA approval in the United States, making it the first consumer robotic device to aid paraplegics in walking.

OurCrowd first invested in ReWalk in June 2013. The current round of investment is only available to existing, active OurCrowd investors.

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