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During November, we will be hosting an educational webinar on Tuesday, November 18th, as part of our Teach-In-Tuesdays series. Register for the event below.

Trenches to Traction: How Israel’s elite intelligence unit powers the Startup Nation

Tuesday, November 18th (6:00 PM Israel / 11:00 AM NYC / 8:00 AM San Francisco)

The ultimate startup boot camp? That would be Unit 8200.

Join the Israel Defense Force’s Unit 8200 alum Gadi Mazor, also CTO and General Partner at OurCrowd, and Zack Miller, Head of the Investor Community at OurCrowd, for a lively Q&A discussion about the Israeli military intelligence unit that drives the Startup Nation’s high-tech industry. This elite technology unit’s alumni who enter into the civilian market have earned a reputation for their unique entrepreneurial skills and for creating outstanding, successful, and innovative startups.

Join us and:

  • Learn how Unit 8200 helped transform the basis of Israel’s economy and drives the startup ecosystem
  • Harness the same skills acquired from serving in Unit 8200 and how alumni apply them for the entrepreneurial world
  • Hear the success stories of Unit 8200 alumni
  • Receive sage advice from experienced Unit 8200 alumni-turned-entrepreneurs

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Looking forward to your participation on the webinar,

Zack Miller and OurCrowd’s Investor Education Team