News about Israel startups

Globes: Globes is the go to site about Israeli business and startups

Haaretz Business: General business and startup coverage by one of Israel’s largest dailies

The Marker’s TechNation (Hebrew): Coverage of startups by top Israel business mag, The Marker

No Camels: Blog about startups in the news, raising money

Geektime (Hebrew): Formerly, Newsgeek, this is a site with inside scoop on Israeli startups

Israel21c: Coverage of Israeli innovation in tech, health, environment and more

TechCrunch / Israel: TechCrunch covers a lot of Israeli tech and startups

The Next Web / Israel: Coverage of Israel on the top tech site

Israel startups on Quora: Lots of questions and (smart) answers about Israeli startups

Data on angel investing


data on angel investing returns

data on angel investing returns
















Source: Kauffman Foundation Angel Report, 2007


Angel investing by the numbers: How many investments should you have in your startup portfolio



Types of angel financing: Startup lawyer gives good (free) advice

Common mistakes angel investors make: From famed angel investor, David Rose


Israeli incubators


Guide to the top Israeli startup incubators and accelerators: This OurCrowd guide is a list of top incubators and accelerators in Israel

Israeli companies on CrunchBase: Listings of Israeli companies on leading startup DB


Israel crowdfunding platforms


OurCrowd: A better way to invest in Israeli startups

Israel economic information


Economic overview of Israel: Israel’s Ministry of Finance with facts/data on economy

Cap tables


Model cap tables: Ask the VC has various cap table tools

Capography: Web based tool to create/share capitalization tables

News on angel investing


Bloomberg on tech: The big news org with tech/startup feed

Hacker News: Great resource on tech and startups


Blogs on angel investing


Both Sides of the Table: Mark Suster on raising and investing money in startups

How to be an angel investor: Paul Graham weighs in with his advice

Gust: Blog on startups by angel investors


Corporate governance


How to run a startup board meeting: maximize time and impact of investor meetings

Entrepreneur-Investor tension: There’s a divergence between risk and return when it comes to founders and their investors


Intellectual property


AskPatents on StackExchange: Q&A about patents

Trademark office (US)

Patent office (US)


Term sheets


Transparent term sheet: Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund has a term sheet in plain English

Protective provisions: Startup lawyer dissects how investors protect themselves

Tracking startups


9 tools to track early stage startups: How to create a system to track potential investments

Valutaion of startups


How to value a startup: OurCrowd’s own analysis on how angel investors should value companies

Aswath Damodaran (blog / university): The professor of valuation speaks

Valuation calculator: pretty easy to understand valuation tool