DURHAM, NC, USA, November 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Polaris Quantum Biotech (POLARISqb), the leader in quantum computing-based drug design, announced the development of Quantum-Aided Drug Design (QuADD) for molecular library optimization in April 2023. QuADD runs on quantum computers that solve problems with unprecedented speed and power, allowing users to search a chemical space of more than 10^30 molecules for those that complement their specific binding pocket. This Software-as-a-Service platform builds custom, enriched molecular libraries, and it is currently available to customers. As a part of a series of white papers detailing how QuADD works, POLARISqb released a white paper concerning Best-in-Class mode. This new feature identifies novel molecules that are just outside the published intellectual property of a given template ligand.

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