OurCrowd Launches OurNetwork – Matching the World’s Biggest Companies with Israel’s Most Exciting Startups

25 global corporations have signed up, including Honda, GE, Samsung Ventures Israel, Intuit, SAP, Autodesk, and YESBank

Jerusalem –  June 22, 2017 –  OurCrowd, a global leader in equity crowdfunding, today announced the launch of OurNetwork – a new collaboration program leveraging OurCrowd’s global network, providing multinationals with the ability to stay ahead of the latest innovation trends globally by providing access to Israel’s bustling tech startup community.

Multinationals are more interested than ever in accessing cutting edge, agile technology companies who can materially impact their business, but often find it challenging to keep pace with the growing ecosystem. Through this Strategic Collaboration Program, OurNetwork provides industry-leading corporations enhanced access to OurCrowd’s growing portfolio of promising startups and robust deal flow pipeline. Alternatively, startups in OurCrowd’s portfolio gain access to a platform, that has over 200 multinational corporations, mentors, industry experts, and of course, the 20,000-member OurCrowd investor community.

Jon Medved, CEO and founder of OurCrowd, said: “We are excited that leading multinationals are joining OurNetwork, OurCrowd’s new collaboration program. We are enabling multinationals to work with our equity crowdfunding platform in order to invest, scout and collaborate with the best startups in Israel and around the world.”

“Through OurNetwork, startups will have greater exposure and the opportunity to partner with these extraordinary companies,” said Laly David, OurCrowd Business Development Partner & Head of OurNetwork. “We have already facilitated dozens of successful partnerships, resulting in millions of dollars of business transactions to date for our portfolio companies.”

OurCrowd’s vision for OurNetwork involves matching some of the world’s biggest companies with startups in its portfolio and beyond.

“GE became one of OurCrowd’s first strategic partners and the two companies have made a number of investments together. In 2015, GE Ventures co-invested in mPrest, one of the largest investments that OurCrowd and GE Ventures Israel have made in an Israeli company. OurCrowd is a great partner for startups, due to its large portfolio and key role in the Israeli ecosystem,” said Oded Meirav, Manager of GE Global Research Technology Center in Israel.

“One of the most important factors is the ability to connect with the ‘right’ companies. The connections that OurCrowd has enabled us to take advantage of Israel’s flourishing retail tech scene. We have also been able to understand what Israel is building from a retail tech and supply chain tech perspective – something that has been imperative,” said Deborah L. Weinswig, Managing Director, Fung Global Retail and Technology.

By leveraging OurNetwork, OurCrowd is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between industry-leading corporations and disruptive startups providing both sides with business, talent and investment opportunities.

“Intuit is one of OurCrowd’s early partners. We first opened our Global Development Center in Israel a few years ago and with OurCrowd, we are establishing important, mutually beneficial synergies with the startup community. With opportunities to get in front of the latest innovations in cyber security, and meet companies like Biocatch, we are engaging with the technologies and talent most important to Intuit,” said Baat Enosh, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Intuit Israel.

Gonzalo Martinez de Azagra, Founder and Head of Samsung Ventures Israel said: “Samsung Ventures Israel has had the pleasure to co-invest in leading companies alongside OurCrowd (Replay Technologies and Corephotonics Ltd) and support OurCrowd’s efforts to connect leading Israeli technology startups with the world’s largest corporations. We look forward to collaborating more actively via OurCrowd’s new OurNetwork platform.”

To join other leading-industry corporations in the Strategic Collaboration Program, please visit www.ournetwork.ourcrowd.com


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About OurNetwork: OurNetwork is the extended global investment community, facilitated by OurCrowd, designed to help multinationals support, collaborate and invest in startups.  OurCrowd members play a positive role in the development of startups, across stages and sectors – from sourcing and funding, to collaborating post-investment on strategic partnerships. OurNetwork is comprised of multinational corporations, working together with entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, and global institutions.

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