OurCrowd’s portfolio company Zula was featured in The Next Web, a leading technology news website. The company has created ZCast, a social podcasting platform for producing high-quality, multi-member podcasts from an iPhone.

I thought Opinion was the easiest possible way to create a podcast, but it turns out I was wrong. ZCast is an app out today for iOS and the Web that makes live, interactive podcasting a cinch.

Tightly integrated with Twitter, you sign in, tap a button, give your podcast a title and away you go. Adding other people to a conversation is as simple as entering their Twitter handle and sending an invite. If they have the app, they’ll get a push notification or otherwise you’ll send them an automated tweet inviting them to download it and get involved.

Zula raised $385,000 from OurCrowd investors in May 2013 and $407,022 in a follow-on funding round in June 2014.

Read more on The Next Web here.