OurCrowd portfolio company The Trendlines Group was featured in Globes, the leading Israeli financial daily. The Trendlines Group establishes, invests in, and develops innovation-based medical and agritech businesses that improve the human condition.

Trendlines International Ltd., an investment company active in medical devices and agritech, has filed a prospectus for an offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange… it is estimated that the company will seek to raise between a few million dollars and tens of millions, at a valuation in the tens of millions.

Trendlines generally invests around $500,000 in its portfolio companies, and not more than $5 million. A large part of the investment is financed by the Chief Scientist. The group has 52 portfolio companies, and seeks to continue setting up companies at a rate of 8-10 a year.


The Trendlines Group raised $900,000 from OurCrowd investors in May 2013.

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