OurCrowd portfolio company ReWalk was featured in the Times of Israel, an English-language news website covering Israel, the region & the Jewish world. FDA approved ReWalk has developed an exoskeleton device that enables paraplegics with an independent, natural walking experience that provides them numerous social, psychological, and physical benefits.

With its successful IPO last week, ReWalk, the company behind the Israeli-developed exoskeleton system designed to help paraplegics walk, is ready to go to market. But that’s not all. The highly praised firm is looking past restoring the use of legs to aiding victims of multiple sclerosis (MS), palsy and strokes.

There are good reasons for investors to be as excited about ReWalk as paralyzed individuals are. “We are going to be using the money raised in the IPO to expand our research and production, almost all of which is done in northern Israel,” said [company CEO] Jasinski.


ReWalk raised $1,320,000 from OurCrowd investors in June 2013.

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