OurCrowd’s portfolio company Pixie was featured on Forbes, a leading business and finance magazine. The company is both a technology platform and a consumer product with the goal of keeping the things that matter to you — and to others — in sight.

Up until now, many of the early IoT applications haven’t caught on in a massive way…  A new solution launching today may change all that.

It’s called Pixie, and the best way to understand it is to hear OurCrowd’s CEO and founder, Jon Medved, an early investor in Pixie alongside Spark Capital and Cedar Funds, describe it: “It just helps you find your stuff.” And that’s what Pixie is all about: helping us keep track of all our our things. How many times have you left for the airport, not knowing whether you really packed your passport?

Pixie raised $1,547,123 from OurCrowd investors in November 2014.

Read more on Forbes here.