Leading technology website, VentureBeat, featured OurCrowd portfolio company Nextpeer, which has developed a platform that allows any iOS developer to easily integrate a first-class multiplayer experience into their games.

Lots of mobile games are still solitary experiences. Nextpeer wants to change that by making it simple for developers to add multiplayer play to their mobile games… The company has more than 55 million installations of games that use the SDK. Nextpeer currently supports more than 2,800 games on iOS and 200 games on Android. In these games, players can compete side by side with their friends.

The benefit for developers is clear. People play games longer if they are engaged, and multiplayer keeps them engaged as their friends get involved. And engaging games are far more likely to monetize.


Nextpeer raised $325,000 from OurCrowd investors in December 2012, $350,000 in its 2nd round of investment in March 2013 and $660,000 in its 3rd round of investment in January 2014.

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