OurCrowd’s Portland-based portfolio company Lucid Energy was featured in The Guardian, a leading online news source, content aggregator and blog. Lucid Energy is a renewable energy company that enables managers of large water infrastructure to generate low-cost power by capturing energy embedded in moving water in their pipelines, without disrupting their operation and with no environmental impact.

To tackle the high demand water and energy place on one another, micro-hydropower is emerging as a technology with potential. In January, Portland, Oregon became the first city to harness electricity from its water pipes and sell it to the electricity grid.

The city is using a technology developed by Lucid Energy, which says it will generate 1,100 MWh of electricity a year – the equivalent of powering 150 homes – from four turbines installed along a 50-foot section of Portland’s water pipes.

Lucid Energy raised $1,650,000 from OurCrowd investors in November 2012.

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