OurCrowd portfolio company EdenShield was featured in The Huffington Post, a leading online news source, content aggregator and blog. EdenShield are the producers of a novel plant extract from the Israeli Judean Desert that makes crops odorless to pests, preventing multi-billion dollar crop damage.

While traditional farmers may be slow to adopt EdenShield’s natural extracts, grown and extracted in Israel and then used on netting in the field or applied in the greenhouse, large grow operations for medical cannabis have been taking note.

The team is currently trying their product in Israel and in Africa and are farming the natural substance (plant name is secret) in the northeast Negev Desert. In a kibbutz. They have recently expanded their production from 3 to 30 dunams and are anticipating $1 million USD in sales next year.

EdenShield raised $712,000 from OurCrowd investors in 2014.

Read more on The Huffington Post here.