Leading business and finance website, The Wall Street Journal, featured OurCrowd’s portfolio company Borro, a leading online asset-backed lending platform. Borro delivers liquidity to people with unprecedented speed and ease.

The startup’s growth, along with its unique niche within a large and growing group of alternative lending tech startups, captured the attention of private investors who plowed $19.5 million into Borro to bankroll its continued expansion…

The loans can range up to $2 million and are arranged and fulfilled by Borro, an arrangement that Mr. Aitken will likely expand to include crowdfunding in coming months. Bringing venture capital crowdfunding platform OurCrowd to the table as investors will provide the opportunity to learn about the process before embarking on it, Mr. Aitken said.

Borro raised $7,159,920 from OurCrowd investors in 2015.

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