OurCrowd portfolio company Bizzabo was featured in The Times of Israel, an English-language news website covering Israel, the region & the Jewish world. Constructing interactive event-groups, Bizzabo utilizes social media in order to facilitate the dialogue between event organizers and guests.

Event planners look to their caterers to take care of all the small details of their event, allowing them to concentrate on the “content” — the wedding, the guests, the conference workshops, and so on.

In a similar manner, Israeli-developed networking and event-planning app bizzabo has been developing one-stop-shopping services to enable it to cater to the online needs of event planners. This week — as competition grows in the event-planning space — the site announced a Wix-style website builder, adding to its bevy of offerings.

Bizzabo raised $506,000 from OurCrowd investors in January 2014.

Read more on The Times of Israel here.