The natural products industry is in serious growth mode, too. Natural Foods Merchandiser’s 2012 Market Overview Natural Retailers Survey shows that nationwide, sales of all natural and organic products (including dietary supplements) within all channels jumped 10 percent to nearly $91 billion last year.

Lydia Dishman, contributor to Fast Company’s Co.Exist, featured OurCrowd portfolio company Abe’s Market in a clip on January 19. Richard Demb, Abe’s cofounder and CEO, told Dishman his focus was on harnessing the rapid growth of the natural products industry while retaining the unique qualities that made Abe’s a popular destination for shoppers today.

“Every day we hear from hundreds of consumers with particular needs and wants,” Demb said. Abe’s success will undoubtedly be connected to its continued focus on a customized shopping experience as it grows.

OurCrowd members invested in Abe’s alongside Carmel Ventures, Accel Partners, and others.