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Startup Roundup

Mobile advertising startup, AppsFlyer, raises $7M

Israeli startup AppsFlyer has one mission in life – making sure an app reaches its maximum potential exposure on the Apple app store and Google play. By providing a robust analytics system, AppsFlyer gives app developers/marketers the ability to tweak their marketing campaigns to get more bang for their buck. The round was led by prominent VCs including Pitango Venture Capital and Magma Venture Partners. To read more about AppsFlyer, click here.

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OurCrowd’s portfolio company  Trendlines featured on BNN


OurCrowd’s portfolio company  Parko featured in Israel21C


OurCrowd’s CEO Jon Medved interviewed at the 92Y conference


OurCrowd’s portfolio company  ReWalk featured on CBS news


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Technology Corner

Israel’s ShopCloud launches its indoor navigation GPS

Israeli startup, ShopCloud, is getting ready to launch the beta version of their new indoor navigation app. ShopCloud claims the navigation system is able to pinpoint the location of any smartphone with an accuracy rate of at least one meter. The app uses existing hardware in any smartphone, such as the camera or the gyro sensors, as opposed to existing solutions which use WiFi to triangulate the smartphone’s location. To read more about ShopCloud and their unique navigation solution, click here.

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 Trending Israeli Entrepreneurs

One-on-One with newly publically traded Varonis’ CEO, Yakov Faitelson

Israeli data security startup Varonis and its CEO Yakov Faitelson have had a really intense couple of weeks. Varonis, who recently went public on the NASDAQ, has doubled its stock price on its first day on the public market and is still going strong. In a one-on-one sit down, Faitelson shares his experience and pride in Varonis’ successful IPO. To read the full interview, click here.

Japanese firms seek to tap into Israel startup success

After Viber was snatched up by media giant Rakuten for $900M, more Japanese based firms are looking for some action in the start-up nation. Although the Japanese firms are a little late the party, while global giants like Google and Apple have been on a shopping spree for quite some time, it looks like the Japanese mean business. To read more, click here.
Israeli scientists develop dishwasher-sized spacecraft

Israeli inventors at SpaceIL are reaching for the stars (well, the moon actually). But what really makes this mission unique is the fact that the spacecraft they designed is no bigger than an average dishwashing machine. With a poor man’s budget, SpaceIL aim to land on the moon by end of 2015, joining the US, China and Russia, To read more, click here.
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