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Startup Roundup

11 Israeli startups shining in the United States

If you’re a startup and you’re not going global, chances are you’re not going anywhere. As a startup looks to set up an international office, one of the 1st choices is definitely the US — mainly New York or Silicon Valley. The Huffington Post put together a list of the 11 most exciting Israeli startups turning a lot of heads in the United States. To find out which Israeli startups made the list, click here.

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OurCrowd’s portfolio company,  Nextpeer featured on VentureBeat


OurCrowd’s portfolio company,  Abe’s Market featured on Fox Business


OurCrowd’s CEO Jon Medved interviewed on Bloomberg Tv


OurCrowd’s portfolio company,  ReWalk featured on BIN


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Technology Corner

Researchers working to turn any sunglasses into night vision goggles

If you see someone wearing a pair of sunglasses past 7 PM, that’s usually considered a bit odd. However, Israeli researchers are currently working on technology that will turn any pair of everyday sunglasses into a pair of night vision goggles, making those pair of shades you own a whole lot cooler. To read more about this amazing technology, click here.

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 Trending Israeli Entrepreneurs

One-on-One with Silicon Valley investor, Oren Zeev

Oren Zeev is one of the better known angel investors in Silicon Valley. But unlike the average angel investor who will invest in a startup and let nature run its course, Oren likes to take a more hands-on approach. Actively mentoring and assisting his portfolio companies to ensure they reach their full potential, Oren has earned his title of Builder-Investor. To read more about Oren, click here.

China looking to make a move on Israel’s tech scene

While Israeli-made technology continues to change the world, big global players are paying closer attention. One of these global giants is China, which is looking to get in on the action. With prominent chinese investors like Li Ka Shing (early investor in Waze), there’s no wonder why dozens of joint projects between China and Israel have kicked-off over the past few years. To read more, click here.
The 3 most common crowdfunding concerns (Part 2)

We recently posted the second part of a three part series on common crowdfunding concerns guest-written by Crowdability, a leading equity crowdfunding blog. In this installment, the issues of the complexity of the world of crowdfunding and the worry of not having enough time to devote to this type of investing are explored. To read more, click here.

OurCrowd’s News Nuggets


Israel’s Elbit developes the “Iron Dome” for civilian aircrafts (Globes) smart calendar app simplifies meeting tasks (Venture Capital Post)
Israeli startup, Samba, raises $630K (Tech Crunch)
Magisto raises $2M, brings video editing to Russia’s Facebook (GigaOM)
Israel listed on TNW’s list of 8 emerging global tech hubs (The Next Web)
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