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                                                      Startup Roundup

Takes turns your photos into actual moving images  

Takes, an Israel-based startup, doesn’t simply turn your photos into a music-backdropped slideshow – it literally turns your snaps into moving images in real-time. To find out more about one of Mashable's 7 "must-see" apps of the SXSW  Conference — Click here

                                                     Technology Corner

Umoove is poised to blanket the world with mobile head-tracking technology

Israeli startup Umoove has attracted a lot of attention for its head- and eye-tracking technology after early reports that it might be powering a feature that does the same in Samsung’s Galaxy S IV. Now TechCrunch is saying the new flagship smartphone won’t launch with that tech on board. Read more


 Trending Israeli Entrepreneurs 

Dov Moran, the Israeli who sold the DiskOnKey for $1.6B, shares his thoughts on success, startups and working until the very end

You know those child geniuses who, instead of brandishing toy-soldiers and erecting Lego fortresses spend their childhood carefully taking electric devices apart, reassembling them and even further befuddling their parents by improving them? Well, Dov Moran wasn’t one of them. Read more


How do I make money investing in startups?

I wish investing in a startup was as easy as “buy low, sell high“, but it’s a bit more complex.
Angel investors must consider a variety of factors when they put their capital to work in an early stage company like… Read more

UpWest Labs' fourth batch of Israeli startups look to go big

While Israel has long been a hotbed for innovation and is home to the R&D labs of many of the world’s biggest tech companies, UpWest Labs' saw an opportunity to create a more fluid connection between Israeli startups and the Valley. Read more




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